He’s a man with a dark past, a quick hand on the draw, and a soft spot for her child. She’s a widow who needs protection. A marriage of convenience is the means of keeping her safe in a town populated by gold miners, dance hall girls, and scurrilous men, until her gold mine is producing and she can return east. But soon after Jenny MacDonald marries Jason Colby, she finds herself falling in love with a man whose dark past is quickly catching up with him, the very man who might have killed her husband.

She’s the mystery debutante of the season, who arrived on the London scene as if from out of nowhere. But Lord Damon Ravencroft knows her dark secret. Two years before, when she was roaming with Gypsies and living by her wits in India, he hired her as a housemaid and she stole from him a rare and valuable opal once belonging to the Empress Josephine. Damon intends to be compensated for its loss, which set him back years in his quest to prove his innocence in a crime he’s accused of committing. The sizable dowry that comes with Lady Elizabeth Sheffield’s hand in marriage is a start. It’s also his price to keep her secret from all of London. But there’s more to the marriage of convenience Damon proposes than Elizabeth anticipated, but by the time she learns what it is, she’s trapped in a marriage to a man who both stirs her passions and fuels her resentment for the man she was forced to wed.


Loving a man who faces death every day of his life can be wearing, Joanna Livingston learns, soon after Stefan Janacek joins the show with his big cat act. Lions on their own are formidable. The fact that someone wants Stefan dead, and is harassing his cats to get them to turn on him, leads to serious ramifications that make Joanna question if she can live with that fear. Before Porter Brother’s took Stefan on, Joanna was star of a major circus with her flying trapeze act. Then a man with the charm of a British lord and the body of a gladiator joined the show and stole the limelight, along with Joanna’s heart. But working with big cats is all Stefan knows, which means being under contract with a  major show, so when Joanna suspects she’s pregnant, the decision she’s ultimately forced to make is one she’d never considered before falling in love with a lion tamer.


Priscilla Phipps will not be deterred from her goal, even if it means facing up to the powerful Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association and cattle barons like Adam Whittington, who want the homesteaders–the very people who are supporting the newspaper Priscilla is trying to establish–driven out of Wyoming. But Adam has his own means of handling the troublesome spinster who’s alienating every cattleman in the area, raising havoc with his libido, and putting a damper on his run for mayor of Cheyenne. And Priscilla, a maiden lady who’s never been touched by a man in her life, suddenly finds herself lusting after forbidden desires.


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